#TheVivaceWedding Countdown: 50 Days!!!!!!!

It’s going to become more real when we hit the under 30 day mark… but the 50-day mark also feels pretty significant, number-wise. It is. So. Soon! 

We feel like we have so much to do… or that we’re missing something in our checklist. Do we have everything ready? 

Every week we have a new checklist – do this, call them, do that. So many details to balance and remember. 

Right now, we’re busy trying to figure out where we’re going for our honeymoon. But it’s realllllllly expensive for July *sigh* so many choices, so little cheap flights. 

I am also in the middle of preparing the wedding favours – origami x300 ftw. But it’s meditative, and it’s fun… enjoy the journey. 

Also… the dress is in! Now is the time to finalize my seamstress: hint – I am NOT going with the one from Best for Bride… who wanted to charge me almost $900. 
Ridiculous. I cried. And I threw a tantrum. Probably my first since we’ve been engaged. 

Nonetheless, things are moving along pretty smoothly and we have every single day scheduled with wedding stuff up until next week. Pretty hectic and crazy. Oh how I long for a day to just read…. hah. Fat chance. 

Enjoy the journey.  

Enjoy the destination.  

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