#TheVivaceWedding Countdown: 53 days to go!

Ah, so the weeks of lacklustre sleep begin… Couldn’t fall asleep last night until past midnight and woke up this morning at 5:45AM. I figured it would be best to start my day off with a yoga practice.

I haven’t practiced yoga in so long… at least not a consistent practice. The wedding planning, work, plans, life, everything. So much… I wish there were 5 hours more in each day. I think I could be content with that.

At least through it all, I have my silly-face fiancé to get me through it all.

This week we’re delivering the rest of the invitations, sending them first-class in an airplane faster than the postman and hopefully receiving a few more RSVPs! I have had a small design break but will have to get back into it for the remaining pieces of the wedding… something that’s fun and stressful yet relaxing. I hope to find some meditation through the whole process.

Enjoy the journey, not the destination. That’s what yoga has always taught me and it still applies to the wedding planning process. Except… the destination is to also be enjoyed too 🙂

Onwards and upwards.


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