#TheVivaceWedding Countdown: 56 Days! 8 Weeks to go!


The Countdown reads: 56 Days! If you think about it… just 8 weekends left until the big day that my fiancé Aaron and I say, I Do! 😱😱😱😱
Go ahead, I’ll give you time to freak out! 






Feels like yesterday we were just hanging out at work, having lunch and then dating… oh how time flies when you’re with someone special ✨

Today we have a huge list to go through of things to do, prep, design. The good thing is, the big step of having the invitations go out is pretty much done! Say, ahhhh…. 

Now that the invites are done, the fun really begins with who is confirming that they can come, what food they’ll eat and who will show up, take a half day and come see us get married during our Friday wedding! Whoot! 🙌🏼

Lots of people have asked us if we are getting nervous. It’s an interesting question but to me, it puzzles me! We are ahead of the game as two people who started planning a wedding six months ago, and I think we have it all under control, stress free planning wise! We’re excited for the day to come but nerves? As long as we keep our expectations under control, I think we are good to go 👌🏼

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