#TheVivaceWedding Countdown: 57 Days To Go!

57 Days. 1 Month 27 Days. 8 weeks + 1 Day.

Holy crap, when you break it down this way, it feels closer and closer each and every day!

So…. I’m getting married.

I still get carded at the gas station when I buy a lottery ticket.

The taxi cab driver said I was a little girl with big meetings.

And I’m going to get married in under 2 months!!!!!!!!!!!


All of this is pretty crazy and bizarre to me even though my fiancé and I have been planning, researching and Excel-ing everything in sight for the last 6 months. Have we really been engaged for that long? Insane!

See below for a few photos featured from my Bridal Shower on the weekend. The shower that represented the 60 day, 2 month mark until the day that I say I do, the day that I go from a Miss to a Mrs (although I have been referenced as Mrs. Perez and Aaron’s wife for some time now…). My Aunt Corey did some wicked DIY decorations and my sis (MOH) and bridesmaids did a fantastic job planning the food, games and fun 🙂 They’re awesome. You may call us: Team Bride, Bride Tribe, Team Awesome.

So, as a way to keep up with my writing and planning and keeping everyone’s insanity in check (mostly mine), I’ll be posting photos and blogs until the very last day!

Stay tuned.

Lots of love,


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