Happy birthday to my papa, my papi, my daddy…

Dearly beloved, we’ve gathered here today to honour and wish my beloved daddy, a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

That’s right, everyone’s favourite papa, pseudo-papa, uncle, brother-in-law and boss is celebrating his born day today!

I’m so lucky.

I only have one daddy and even though you’re not allowed to choose your daddy, I’m glad he’s mine.

From a very young age, my dad has taught me life lessons over school lessons. He taught me to “think before I speak” and never failed to tell me to my face, “you need an attitude readjustment”. Eh? Those two go together like peanut butter and toast! My papaย has always been a straight-up guy; he doesn’t beat around the bush nor does he feel the need to pretend to be someone he’s not.

Growing up, I’ve seen my dad change from being a stern father to a strict teacher, from a smoker to a leisure drinker, from the man of the home to my friend.

I’m blessed that I have a great relationship with my dad, enough to call him my ba, my pa, my friend. I can always get the truth, food from his kitchen and love from his big bear hugs. He is reliable when it comes to needing him for assistance; he will never say no to helping unless he absolutely cannot. He is one of the few men that I know whoย would work a long day, drive in the cold and still wouldn’t hesitate to come pick up his daughter and soon-to-be son-in-law at the airport past midnight. Dad is a man that goes out of his way to please othersย โ€“ he loves toย help others and to make others happy.

I’m incredibly fortunate to have the type of relationship where I can travel with my dad to far away places and create memories. We’ve been to several destinations in the United States, ย Europe and Asia together and I hope that there are more memories to make in the future.

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To my daddy if you read this: may you have the best birthday of all birthdays today because you truly deserve it! Thanks for all that you do! I Love you! XO


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