The countdown reads: 💯 days to go!

The ultimate chapter of Our Love Story begins in just 100 days! We’ve come a long way and we have already read through the chapters, Meeting and Dating and now we’re in the middle of the Engagement chapter. From girlfriend to fiancé to wife (eek!!!), we are looking forward to our upcoming 100 days before we say the words, “I do”!
Our Love Story – Meeting & Dating Chapters

We didn’t meet on a dating site and we didn’t meet by swiping right.

We met in the ol’ traditional way: at work on the 6th floor of an urban residential/corporate building by Harbourfront. Back then, I was known as, “Maya’s friend” – my colleague and classmate that worked on Aaron’s team. Lonely in my cubicle working days, I was eventually invited out for coffee with the team, which then led to joining them on their team lunches.

Several years later, we reconnected and after one of my interviews, we had our first lunch date at Queen Mother Cafe in the Entertainment District. Two weeks later, I ended up getting the job and working on the 3rd floor, just two floors above his. Only knowing Aaron in the building, we occasionally had lunch together, went out for Starbucks and sometimes grabbed breakfast at the work cafeteria.

Like most love stories, we started ours by being very good friends. He was my confidante as I adjusted to the working world and used him as a soundboard while I was his outlet for sharing jokes and personal stories.

Aaron is my number 1 and my only one love and that is how I coined his nickname, Ace. Together, our nicknames became our hashtag, “Vivace” (which we later found out that it translates to, “lively” in Italian).

Together, Aaron and I are very different. He loves everything about cars and I only recently got my license. He is a sensible eater while I impress people by how much I can eat. He despises chocolate and I don’t mind it! He’s a red wine drinker whereas I am a white wine kind of gal. He is not a fan of cover bands whereas I could listen to them all day long (Go Team Glee!).

We have been through a lot in our journey together so far but we have found joy in our differences and love in our similarities. So, while we may not meet on the same page when it comes to preferences, there are commonalities between us that we enjoy such as eating, yoga and travel.

Aaron and I love to travel. In the last few years, we have traveled to over 25 cities across 8 countries and 3 continents. When we return from one destination, we are already thinking about our next one in a few months.

We may not be thrill-seekers in the outdoorsy sense, but we enjoy learning about what a country’s history, heritage and culture has to offer. We could be enjoying authentic ramen in Tokyo or crossing the street at Abbey Road, but know that between us, there is never a dull moment. Our travels keep us closer and no matter where we are in the world, our greatest adventure is being together.

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